Working with us

Our success depends on the dedication and commitment of our people.

What we do


We power our communities.
We build and operate an electrical network that transports electricity from the high voltage transmission network to customers’ homes and businesses.
Our customers count on us. So, quite rightly, they expect the highest standards from us. Our purpose and values form the basis of everything we do and how we do it. Learn more about us

Our roles

We seek people with a ‘can do’ attitude to work in our dynamic industry. Our people work collaboratively to respond to regulatory changes, technology advancements, customers’ behaviour changes and stakeholders’ expectations.

Electrical trades and operations

A range of teams maintain our electricity network to provide a safe and reliable power supply. 

Distribution powerline workers are involved in transmission and distribution fields, working on the underground and overhead feeder network. 

Our system electricians work as technologists with a focus on constructing and maintaining major substations, where they specialise in substations, protection or testing. 

Our systems control teams manage access to the network so crews can perform vital maintenance work safely with as short an outage for customers as possible. 

A number of roles are dedicated to the technical support and efficient scheduling of work, as well as traditional management roles.

Engineering and project management

With customers generating more and more power, we need innovative engineers to anticipate the impact of these changes and adapt our future network design to ensure an integrated approach with distributed energy resources (DERs).

Our engineers and project managers are exploring innovative uses of new technologies to improve network performance and looking at ways to help maximise the value of DER for all energy users. Trials include a grid sized battery to defer investment, aimed at helping to keep downward pressure on electricity prices for customers.  Other recent successes include the commissioning of a stand-alone power supply in the 2019/20 NSW bushfires to quickly restore power to a local community.

Customer and business support

We look for people who put customers at the heart of what they do.

Working directly with residential and commercial customers to solve problems and improve services today, our customer teams also work with our corporate affairs and regulatory experts to meet customers’ energy needs of tomorrow.

Our business support teams require a variety of professional and administrative roles in finance, IT, property, logistics, procurement, legal, risk management, strategy and business development, to be a best performing electricity distributor.

Our leaders and teams in safety, human resources and communication are focused on creating a resilient workforce and supportive environment where everyone can achieve their full potential.